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Fairwood Dental Center | Sealants in Renton

Fairwood Dental Center


Harinder S Walia, D.D.S., FAGD, FAAFO
Aishwarya Ramanan, D.D.S.
Arti Bhan-Kachroo, D.D.S. 

Phone: (425) 271-7725
Fax: (425) 271-3018


Sealants -- December 23, 2014

Good oral hygiene is the first step to protecting your teeth and having less tooth decay, but sometimes it isn’t enough to have healthy teeth. Along with brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting our dental office every six months, we also provide dental sealants. They are especially useful for children who have their molars, which come in between 5 and 7 years of age, and again between 11 and 14 years of age.

Dental sealants protect the molars from cavities and tooth decay. The molars are most susceptible to cavities because they are chewed on most often, and decay because they are harder to reach with a toothbrush and dental floss. Dr. Harinder S. Walia, Dr. Aishwarya Ramanan and Dr. Arti Bhan-Kachroo can put a liquid sealant on these teeth that hardens and further protects to teeth from excessive decay. It can last about 10 years before needing to be applied again.

Patients of all ages visit us here at Fairwood Dental Center for dental sealants. It reduces the amount of work that needs to be done on the teeth over time and gives patients a healthy looking smile. To learn more about sealants, give us a call at 425-271-7725

Renton Dentist | Sealants. Arti Bhan-Kachroo is a Renton Dentist.