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Harinder S Walia, D.D.S., FAGD, FAAFO
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Arti Bhan-Kachroo, D.D.S. 

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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care -- November 12, 2014

While tooth decay is the most common cause of toothaches in children and adults, infections, gum disease, teeth grinding and an abnormal bite can also cause pain in your teeth. If you have experienced facial trauma, pain in your teeth for more than two days or swelling and abnormally red gums, it is important to get a complete oral examination to determine the cause. This pain would be considered a dental emergency, and Dr. Dr. Harinder Walia, Dr. Aishwarya Ramanan and Dr. Arti Bhan-Kachroo are able to restore your oral health.

If your tooth pain worsens over time, you may have food that is stuck between you tooth and gum. This can occur if you do not brush and floss well enough, allowing bacteria to multiply in this area and for infection to develop. This infection can become an abscess, which can develop at the root of the tooth in the bone or in the gums. If not treated, it can be incredibly painful and harmful to your health. If your tooth pain is accompanied by a bad smell or taste, it is very likely an abscess.

The team at Fairwood Dental Center can also provide emergency dental care if you’ve experienced facial trauma. Whether your tooth is loose, cracked or broken, you can come to our office to receive emergency restorative care.

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