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Fairwood Dental Center | Digital Panorex in Renton

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Harinder S Walia, D.D.S., FAGD, FAAFO
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Arti Bhan-Kachroo, D.D.S. 

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Digital Panorex

Digital Panorex -- December 30, 2014

We work hard to provide our patients with the most technologically advanced treatment options available. One of the best tools we utilize is the Digital Panorex system that takes incredible 360 degree images of your teeth, head, sinuses and bones. Our Renton, WA area patients are enjoying the benefits from having their periodontal issues caught earlier rather than later. By catching small issues before they become big problems, we are able to provide the best care possible.

With this technology, our team at Fairwood Dental Center is able to view the full structure of your head. This is great because we are now able to see any potential problems more clearly. We will also be able to see whether or not your mouth and jaw is functioning correctly. The Panorex is capable of viewing specific structural problems, infections and asymmetry any asymmetry in the area.

If you haven’t had a Panorex X-Ray before, you’re going to be surprised how simple and safe it is. We’ll give you a lead apron to protect from the radiation (digital X-rays emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional systems), but you’ll be standing rather than sitting. A camera will rotate in a half circle around your head, starting at one side of the jaw and ending at the other. The imaging only takes a couple of seconds and the images are available immediately. Our staff does not need to wait for the images to print anymore, saving you time and also saving the environment.

Renton Dentist | Digital Panorex. Arti Bhan-Kachroo is a Renton Dentist.