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Dentures -- October 8, 2014

iStock_000007240088XSmall.jpgDentures are an option that many of our patients choose at Fairwood Dental Center. Available in both full and partial, dentures serve as a removable replacement for missing teeth.

If providing patients with conventional full dentures, Drs. Harinder S Walia, Aishwarya Ramanan or Arti Bhan-Kachroo will remove all the teeth from the patient’s mouth. Afterwards, the gums are given time to heal before dentures are placed. The patient would be without teeth during this healing process, which can take a couple months.

Immediate full dentures forgo this healing process with no teeth. Prior to having their teeth removed, the dentist takes measurements of the patient’s mouth, so that dentures are ready after teeth have been removed. This type of full denture requires a follow-up visit to refit the dentures wince the jaw bone will slightly change shape as the mouth heals.

Partial dentures are another option for those who do not need all their teeth to be removed. This makes them similar to bridges, but partial dentures are not permanent fixtures.

Whichever dentures our patients choose, they take time getting used to, and even though they are not real teeth, they should still be cared for as if they were. They should be brushed before removal and should be placed in room temperature water or cleaning solution overnight.

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